Bus rental from the Budapest area to a destination in Hungary or abroad.

Bus rental - Budapest

Renting a bus in the Budapest area is easy, as you can choose from many different companies.

SmartBUS has been part of this for more than 15 years. Other companies have been coming and going, but we’re still here. Who started at the same time like us know, what kind of difficulties we had to fight during these years.

The conditions became tougher and tougher and changed constantly. Incorrect competitors, technical tests, extra expenses and many more have made our everyday life more difficult.

How can we still be in the game? The company owners of the olden days know something that the young ones often forget. That the most important thing is your attitude. We find the personal wishes challenging. It is a pleasure for us to satisfy people’s needs above the normal service.

That’s why we have so many clients who come back to us from time to time. They know that:

• they’ll get a fair contract with our terms and conditions
• our buses are spotless all the time
• our buses are comfortable with extra functions
• we handle your situation with empathy
• our drivers are prepared and they have good local-knowledge in Hungary and abroad, as well
• they react well to unforeseen situations with their great problem-solving skills
• they can translate if needed
• we provide extra services for our clients

Bus rental has never been just simply the transportation of people. This is not why our clients choose us and have been loyal to us.

We know the importance of comfort, safety and good mood while travelling. We always have a couple of good tips and solve the problems quickly. We make the holidays unforgettable and the business trips successful.

That’s why our clients feel like they just have to grab their phones, if they need a bus.

Our number is already in there!

Choose us for your next trip and experience why so many people stick with us.

If you’ve already decided, ask for a quote here.

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