Bus rental for weddings: 5 tips for choosing wedding buses

Wedding bus rental

The wedding bus rental service of SmartBUS offers unique alternatives to make the travelling on the big day stress-free.

In case of wedding bus rental the needs are rather different than during bus rental in general.

How do we choose between wedding buses? This list can give you a hint during planning. If you need any help, get in touch with us.

Wedding bus rental, minibus rental (Tip #1)

Don’t choose a bus based on only the number of persons they can carry! The various 8-10-12-14-25-50 seater buses can be creatively combined, so that everyone can travel comfortably.

Wedding bus rental, minibus rental (Tip #2)

On longer trips (e.g. wedding abroad) we can divide the buses based on the habits of the passengers. This way no one will be disturbed by other’s habits. A few common example:
„Toddler-mummy” bus (Feeding, changing nappies), „Grandma-grandpa” bus (A more quiet travelling with more stops than usual), „Smoking” bus (Cigarette breaks on the way), „Loud” bus (Where the music plays)

Wedding bus rental, minibus rental (Tip #3)

It might be worth using a seating plan to avoid chaos with the bags, coats, purses. Empty the boots of the buses to the cloakroom after arriving, because it’s not certain that everyone’s going to travel home on the same bus.

Wedding bus rental, minibus rental (Tip #4)

It’s practical to collect the names and mobile numbers of the passengers of each bus and to give them to the driver. In case of a larger number of wedding guests this solution can spare the guests, the drivers and the newly weds from a lot of stress.

Wedding bus rental, minibus rental (Tip #5)

When it comes to bus rental the buses travel in a convoy, but there are always guests who use their own car. You can give the same, well planned itinerary to every driver. This way the wedding convoy can be easily spotted if someone stops or gets lost on the way.

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