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Are you a wedding planner? Is it difficult for you to find a professional company? Or a bus just as big as the number of people there are?

We, at SmartBUS, always have a solution that suits every need! Why wedding bus rental will be trouble-free with us?

  1. we have 15 years of practical experience regarding wedding bus rental

  2. we lay down everything in a contract, we won’t change our prices afterwards, there are no hidden costs. So you won’t have to worry about recalculating the amount that can be spent on the wedding

  3. we are well prepared for the most special requests

  4. we can arrange the buses, so you would only pay for the spaces you need

  5. if there are guests from different locations in the countryside to be transported to the venue of the wedding, we use our minibuses

  6. we can transport even hundreds of people to the venue simultaneously

  7. our buses can be decorated with removable decoration elements that would suit the style of the wedding

  8. our drivers have foreign language skills so they can find their way with guests from abroad, as well.

  9. our bus drivers always turn up at the venue in time and are dressed in appropriate clothing

  10. our employees have great local-knowledge of domestic roads and routes of most european countries

  11. you can also count on us when organising weddings abroad

  12. our buses are in excellent condition, can suit every need

  13. we provide child’s seats for the little ones

  14. your clients will be satisfied with you and will recommend you to their friends

Choose us in order to make sure that our long-term cooperation would be beneficial for you. Surely, there are aspects missing from the list above.

Please write them to us and we’ll find a solution. Wedding bus rental quote


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