9 seater bus rental with a driver and extra services

9 személyes kisbusz bérlés

One of our most popular bus services is the 9 seater minibus rental. In many cases it is more practical than travelling with your own car.

If you look at the fuel costs and extra services, not to mention that everyone can enjoy the trip as a passenger, it is financially worth it, too.

Please find some examples below, when is it a good idea to choose a 9 seater bus:

Business trips in the country or abroad:

If more than 5 people are travelling, you would need two cars, with two drivers. If you rent a 9 seater bus, everyone can travel together, prepare for the meeting and arrive relaxed to the destination. Our drivers know where they are going, thanks to their great local-knowledge. You don’t have to look for hours for the location in a foreign country.

A longer family trip with many children:

Even if you have a bigger family car – it’s no guarantee that everybody will be comfortable with all the luggage in the car.

No one has to drive, the family can enjoy every minute together.

Visiting a friend, bachelor or bachelorette party:

Depending on the number of guests one or two minibuses provide the perfect solution. Quality, worry-free entertainment, drinking alcohol without any risks. Everyone will be home safe.

Employee shuttles:

If you only need a solution for the odd occasions, renting is a better solution that buying a company car. You can’t use it to its full potential and the costs are high.

Many of our costumers have compared the rental and the buying costs of a company car, and have decided to choose minibus rental. Now, they simply get a receipt in every month, instead of doing the huge amount of paperwork, and they don’t even have to pay more, in fact, they pay less.

Transportation of wedding guests:

To have all the guests arriving at the same place at the same time is a real challenge, may the wedding being organised by a professional or the family. With 15 years of experience we can easily do that. We have transported guests to the place of the wedding from several far-away villages with minibuses. The main point is that everyone arrives on time at the correct destination.

Cemetery buses

Around the 1st of November you might want to go and visit the cemeteries with your family. In case that travelling is a problem in itself, renting a bus is a comfortable solution. Often happens that two or more families travel together so they can share the costs. The case is quite similar if they would like to get to the funeral of one of the relatives.

Many clients come back to us year after year when they’d like to travel. They already know us, they trust us, because we’ve never let them down and we always provide caring attention and flexibility.

If you need to rent a bus or a minibus, give us a chance to prove ourselves so you could become one of our long-term, returning customers!

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