Bus rental for a wedding? Do you dream of guests arriving organised and on time?

Organised bus rental for weddings

You have relatives all over the country? Guests arriving from abroad, but there is no one to pick them up from the airport?

Is it difficult to organise that everyone arrives on time to the church? You need to bring up elderly relatives from the countryside but no one is available to do it?

These questions usually come up, especially if you have big numbers invited. We often work together with wedding planners. We learned from them that one of the biggest challanges is to organise the transportation of hundreds of guests. It helps them a great deal if we work out the transportation tasks for them.

If we need to pick up smaller groups from different locations, we normally use our minibuses. „No Limit Bus Rental” means that we collect lots and lots of people at one place with big buses and we transport them to the given destination.

Our buses are in excellent condition, being checked constantly, in order to avoid any technical breakdowns.

Because of the given time slot, it’s very important that we try and reduce the possibility of being late to the minimum level.

Thanks to this, the wedding planners think of us as partners and call us automatically if they need transportation for a wedding.

The wedding decoration of the buses is part of our service. We always try and match the style of the wedding.

For the foreign guests we provide English speaking drivers, so they can already tune into the wedding on the way there.

If you come with children, we provide cartoons or appropriate music for them, so they can have a good time while travelling. We all know how hard it is for them to sit nicely for hours.

We’ll do everything in our power to make your big day perfect, by trying to avoid any mistakes or being late.

We are at your service with all of our 15 years of experience.

If you are thinking about wedding bus rental, don’t hesitate, ask for a free quote!

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