Bus rental for a foreign trip? Let SmartBUS take care of the driving!

Bus rental for foreign trips

Our drivers have great local-knowlegde of all the biggest European cities.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience we have very good relationships with many other companies. This is a great advantage for our customers when we have to solve an unexpected situation.

Our colleagues have been driving for decades without any accidents. They are all patient and politeperfect partners on the road.

We will plan the itinerary for you, just let us know your wishes:

• Would you like an enjoyable way to go? Ideal for family holidays.
• Is the shortest possible way the best for you? Going on a bussiness trip is certanly the case.
• Cost-efficiency is the most important? No problem!
• Travelling around the country? We’ll find the best accommodation for you.

Unexpected technical problem or a flat tyre? As they say, the devil never sleeps. These are routine jobs for our drivers. They solve the situation quickly, even in abroad. They’ll be fast and flexible.

You don’t have to sit bored during the drive. Why don’t you watch a good movie or listen to your favourite music? All the opportunities are given. Our buses are well-known for their comfort and extra features.

When the whole family hits the road the luggage can be enormous. But no worries, the driver will put everything in the boot, so you can sit comfortably enjoying the big space.

Fan of sports? Do you need to transport your equipment, as well? Luckily, if you let us know in advance how much more space you need, we’ll take care of it easily.

Your favourite rock star is coming to a nearby country? Why don’t you rent a bus and go see the concert? Or if you’re the one who goes on a tour and you need your instruments and special equipment to be taken care of – you’ve come to the right place.

In case you have an extreme amount of baggage with you, renting an extra trailer will solve that, too.

We do care about you and your things, too. Our goal is that you have an enjoyable, safe and fun journey, and your baggage also arrives as it should: tidy and unharmed.

Renting a bus for a long trip is a cost-efficient. You can divide the costs, so you’ll end up paying less and in the meantime you can enjoy all the comfort and advantages of minibus rental. You don’t have to think about parking, just focus on relaxing and being with your friends/family. Don’t waste a single minute!

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