Bus rental Budapest – With driver and extra services: SmartBUS!

Bus rental - Budapest

Bus rental in Budapest and in the area with extra services!

SmartBUS is at your service with 15 years of experience. Not much can happen that we are not prepared for.

Our buses, available for rental, are cozy and comfy in excellent conditions, with extras.

Our drivers have outstanding language skills. This ensures that they can function as a tour guide, if needed.

For business trips abroad they can help out as an interpreter, too.

They have shown, in many situations, how easy it is to fix the problems caused by the language barrier. (eg. at a multi-language wedding)

Our colleagues always dress up to the occasion to fit the style of the event.

After double checking your needs, we’ll find a solution.

Do you have friends coming from abroad and you need an interpreter?
You need a tour guide, not only a driver? Our driver will handle it!
Bus rental for weddings, to transport the guests?
Would you like to enjoy the bachelor/bachelorette party with a drink along with your friends?
You need to transport the relatives to Budapest or to the countryside to a funeral?
Are you going to a sport event with your best friends?
You need a sightseeing bus to travel around Budapest most wonderful places?
Tour with the band?
Team building for your employees?
Company event with workers from all over the country?
Company trip for the colleagues?
You need to coordinate the personal transports to conferences and events?

Your company can count on our expertise on long-term, as well!

We provide employee or costumer shuttles with minimum administration and costs, contrary of having your own vehicle park.

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Budapest and the area offers a wide range of programmes at the weekends, ideal for family trips.

Bus rental is an ideal solution for family holidays. You can stop when and wherever you want. You don’t have to wait for anyone else or to adapt to the group.

You can change your itinerary or your programmes if you feel like it.

Tell us what you need in advance, so we can be prepared for the chosen destination.

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