Minibus rental with a driver is the solution if the car is too small

Minibus rental with driver

We offer 9, 15, 17 seater minibuses and 21 seater VIP Mercedes Sprinter buses with driver.

Almost everyone would like to have a driver, too. Furthermore, if you’re travelling to a foreign country, you can ask for a driver with excellent language skills. That can be a great help abroad. They are experienced and have great local knowlegde.

Minibus rental with a driver and extras? Here at SmartBUS, that’s basic!

Let’s see how we can help and support your comfort during the trip:
• Driver and interpreter, all in one. If you are a little bit shy, don’t worry. Our driver is there with you, speaks the language and helps you in the difficult situations.
• Planning the itinerary: the most enjoyable for the family holiday or the fastest one for the bussiness trip. We have solutions for almost everything.
• Need a tour guide? Ask your driver! If you’d like to get to know your destination you can count on us! When you are booking you just have to share your needs with us and we’ll choose the best driver suited to your journey.
• Special needs and solutions: The whole family is on the road including the baby? You need space for the stroller, high chair and all the other stuff? Our colleagues will organise your package. Everything will be safe and tidy.
• If you choose minibus rental for a wedding, we can decorate the bus(es) to suit the occasion.

Our minibuses feature several extras:

Leather interior
Adjustable or fixed seats
Two-zone Air-conditioning
TV, DVD player for the entertainment

Ask for our free, personalised quote here!

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