Prices for bus rental with driver in Budapest with optional extra services

Bus rental prices Budapest

The prices for bus rental in Budapest and in its area can be quite different. There are many reasons behind that.

The biggest difference in the prices is between the companies that never give out an invoice and the properly running companies that always work with contracts and invoices.

The reason behind the difference is obvious and so is the outcome. We better think twice before we make a decision on which company to choose.

It is true that the company which works with a contract and an invoice will be more expensive because it:

pays the taxes after its employees
• has to pay taxes after the income
always maintains its vehicles
• provides 2 drivers for trips abroad, if it’s necessary based on the regulations
has to pay more to a driver with language skills
and so on …

These expenses are built in to the price but these can guarantee:

• that you are safe
that you are travelling comfortably
that the service will meet the contract
• a worry-free travelling, leaving and arriving on time
• the extra services
the serving of your personal needs
the help of an interpreter, if needed
a driver with excellent local-knowledge
that you can go to court if you have any problems

The prices of two correct companies can also slightly differ. It usually depends on the comfort levels of the buses, the extra services, the extra costs for personal needs and the prices themselves.

It’s worth having a look around Budapest before you make your choice. It is also worth asking for many different quotes. We hope that the above will help you with your decision and you will be able to find the right partner.

You can ask for a free quote from SmartBUS:

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