Croatian vacation: we collected the sandy beaches for you!

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We collected a list of sandy beaches in Croatia, mostly for the pleasure of the families!

Most of the beaches in Croatia are covered with stones, which are great for trips, picnics, games, but not much for bathing. But it doesn’t mean that if you would like to enjoy the sea, you can’t spend your holiday in Croatia. We collected the sandy beaches for you, since there are plenty to choose from!


Close to the border, a very romantic place. It is great for an intimate long weekend or even for a proposal, too. If you want to enjoy your trip worry-free it might be worth renting a minibus. Pula is also nearby. With its wonderful historic monuments it can be a romantic programme. Biceja beach is incredibly popular, which you can visit with a small child, as well.


The Stella Maris Resort is famous for its child-friendly beach. Under 6 years olds are rather welcome. You can choose from many sporting opportunities for the family and the kids can enjoy the fair, too.


Krk island welcomes the families with little ones with a wonderful sandy beach. Using the nearby bridge can save you the time waiting for the ferry. Tribulje, Cizici and Zupanj are also quite close, but hidden from the crowd, with sandy beaches and beautiful sights.


Again a romantic place, ideal for long weekends beacuse it’s close to the border. Thanks to its wonderful climate it’s a paradise for families with smaller children. Offers various entertaining possibilities, spiced with active, cultural programmes for little ones and adults, as well.

Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj is the name of both the beach and the island where it can be found. It’s the most popular place of the island. There are many beaches to try, but the most well-known is Cikta beach. Fast moving, fun night-, and party life – we recommend it for youngsters!


Lopar is located on the Rab-island. One of Croatia’s most famous beaches is Rajska. Absolutely ideal for little kids, because of the depth of the sea. The experience is uniqe: you are able to walk to the nearby island right through the water! It is unforgettable for the children. Some other also quiet places in the region are: Mundanije, Bajnos, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Barbat.


A paradise for surfers! We also recommend it for those who are interested in historical memories, there are plenty to find there. The estuary gives a fantastic sight – it is a must see for visitors!

More beaches, places worth visiting if it’s your first time in Croatia or if you have been here many times before:

Nln, near to Zadar, Biograda Soline and Pakostane beach, for elders, looking for a quiet rest.
Zaton Holiday Resort at Zadar with its beautiful beach, an exclusive resort with extras!
Zlatni Rat Bac – island: not sandy, but covered with tiny stones, yet a very favoured beach.

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