9 seater minibus rental with a driver for funerals

Minibus rental for funerals

Renting a 9 seater minibus for a funeral is advantageous, because you don’t have to travel with several cars.

Often, two cars are not enough, but three cars are too much and there is hardly anyone in the third one. The fuel costs of three vehicles are much more than the fuel cost of a 9 seater minibus, in which everyone can be comfortable.

Driving is very difficult especially for long distances when you are grieving. Minibus rental is a solution for that, too.

Wreaths are not easy to fit into cars. You can’t put too many in the boot without getting them damaged. And they are far too expensive to use them like that.

Our drivers pay special attention to that as well, so they arrive undamaged in perfect condition.

Sometimes elderly people require special attention, have special needs or need to stop frequently during long distances. Our drivers are flexible and always handling the situation discreetly.

You have to get to the funeral on time. Our employees’ up-to-date information and local-knowledge about the countries will come in handy. You definitely won’t be late or get lost.

We plan the itinerary in advance, so we can guarantee sticking to the schedule.

After the funeral you won’t have to drive in an upset state of mind, which can be quite useful.

If you have lost someone in your family, you can count on our discretion!

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