Bus rental for occasions: Everyone can be there in time!

Bus rental for weddings

You can count on us when it comes to planning a wedding, special birthday party or any other social event!

SmartBUS is a professional contractor of passenger transport. Choose our bus rental services to make the special events of your life stress-free.

It requires a lot of organising to transport lots of people, even hundreds of wedding guests from one place to another simultaneously. Especially when it is sticked to a schedule. It’s very difficult to manage with cars only. Who travels with whom? Is it possible to travel in a convoy to make sure no one gets lost? Besides, no one likes to drink soda all night long during a wedding or birthday event…

Sometimes a larger number of people or older relatives living in the countryside need to be transported under more sorrowful circumstances (as a funeral). You can count on our expertise in these cases, as well.

Many problems can occur if you’d like to invite several people living afar to the event you’re organising: difficulties of organising the trip, unreliability of public transport or any other unexpected circumstances. All these can make it more difficult for a bigger group to arrive in time from farther places.

In these cases minibus rental is an excellent and cost-effective alternative. Besides, it also makes our life and the passengers’ life easier.
We designed our special, extra services to make the travelling enjoyable and delightful. The passengers can get to know each other in comfort already on the bus.

We offer the possibility of having a unique decoration for birthdays, weddings or ceremonial events. The option for listening to music or watching TV, DVD is available during the time of travelling.

Although SmartBUS is a smaller company, we are nevertheless able to professionally transport even hundreds of people.

Here you can choose the minibus that suits your needs the best: https://smartbus.hu/en/rentable-buses/

In case of a larger number of people, ask for a unique quote:


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