Minibus rental: Why employee shuttle is worth it?

Minibus rental - Employee shuttle

When it comes to transporting employees bus rental can be a great alternative compared to other travelling methods.

Generally, bus rental is a cost-effective solution in case of a regular or even occasional transport of 8-10 persons.

The more people there are the less the travel cost per person will be, but still every colleague can travel in comfort. Here are a few examples why bus rental is beneficial when transporting employees:

  1. The workplace is hard to get to

  2. In case of an occasional job abroad, seasonal work over 6 persons

  3. In case of a company event

  4. Parking is difficult and expensive around the workplace

  5. It’s too complicated to manage the passes, train tickets, fuel receipts, etc..

  6. The simultaneous transport of lots of people is needed for the working process to remain uninterrupted.

  7. The workers are arriving from many different places. Coming in late is frequent.

  8. It’s too expensive to maintain company cars and you’d like to switch to a more cost-effective solution.

  9. Changing of the shifts are in times when there’s no public transport.

  10. Team-building trainings, company trainings

  11. Scheduled bus lines for shopping

Our modern, employee shuttle buses provide comfortable travelling. There’s lots of space for the baggage in the boot, making room for the employees in the passenger compartment on the way to work and back home, as well.

20-25-50 seater buses are available to cost-effectively transport a larger number of people. Although if there are a lot of different destinations it might be worth choosing the combination of buses with fewer seats. Taking the cities and the number of employees into consideration, as well.

If you choose our employee shuttle service you don’t have to worry about maintaining the company car fleet anymore. You only have to manage one piece of invoice instead of a pile of them. The travel cost per person lowers, but still every co-worker can travel in maximum comfort.

Here you can choose the minibus that suits your needs the best:
In case of a larger number of people, ask for a unique quote:

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