Minibus rental for companies instead of maintaining a car fleet

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Are you getting tired of the continous trouble until everyone gives you all the documents at the end of the month?

Maintaining the company car fleet is too expensive? Getting in late, different explanations every time, some tricks here and there and you don’t know who’s responsible?

If you’d like to get rid of all these problems it might be worth considering how much better minibus rental could be when transporting your employees. Let’s see how exactly this could benefit you!

In case of minibus rental the number of transports, the itinerary and every other details are determined in a fair contract. There’s no misunderstanding, awkward explanations – everyone does their job. You can finally concentrate on what’s most important – increasing the profit of your company. You can’t even imagine how much time and effort you can spare!

Let’s summarise what are the benefits of minibus rental:

All the monthly costs are simple and predictable
You can get rid of the waybills, invoices – it’s no longer your concern
• Every month you get one invoice, which is 100% deductible
• The unnecessary costs, the late arrivals can all disappear
Everyone will get to work in time
Maintaining won’t cause problems anymore
You can utilise the time, that was previously consumed by the paperwork, to be more productive
There’s no more car breakdowns or missed deliveries because of that
• We can also provide with a trailer for any tools or equipment, upon request
and a lot of other things, depending on the needs of the company.

Make a list of your actual monthly transporting expenses and also ask for a unique quote for the expected costs of minibus rental. Based on these informations bus rental will turn out to be more cost-effective rather than having and maintaining your own company car fleet.

Further information about the details of minibus rental:

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