Minibus rental instead of a company car fleet: Why is it worth it?

Minibus rental instead of a company car fleet

In contrast with maintaining a car fleet, minibus rental has lots of great advantages!

Would you like to get rid of the mountains of administration and the monthly paperwork with the drivers? We’ll show you why renting minibuses for your employees is a better solution.

The process of minibus rental:

We agree on the terms and conditions in a fair contract, which states the number of the shuttles, itineraries and other details. Then we just do our jobs and you can focus on the most important thing – making money for your own company. You’ll save lots of energy and time!

Below, we gathered a list about the advantages of minibus rental:

The monthly fees are fixed, there are no surprises or slipping on the budget.
No administration for you, everything is done by the provider.
You’ll get one invoice in a month, which is an expense for your books.
Your employees will always be on time. No more excuses or being late.
If you ask for a fixed location on a daily basis, you can be sure that everyone will be there on time.
Maintenance is not your problem anymore, it’s all done by the provider.
Not having to do the paperwork will save you a lot of time.
You don’t have to cancel a delivery because a car is broken down. No more uncomfortable situation.
If you need extra space for the tools or equipment, we can provide trailers as well.
Any other special needs can be part of the contract.

We advise you to do a monthly report on your current situation: expenses, working hours, etc. When you have your exact numbers, ask for our quote so you can compare!

Then you can make a correct decision.

Our minibuses for rental:

Ask for a personal quote here:

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