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Slovakia, despite its small size, offers wonderful possibilities for the lovers of nature and history.

The capital city, Bratislava, is a culturally developed and vivid city. For hundreds of years it was the capital city of Hungary. The old buildings still keep the memories of significant historical moments alive.

Nowadays it is a very fast developing centre in Europe. Bratislava is so close to Vienna that they count as the two closest european capitals.

It lies on the shore of the Danube, that’s why it is also called as the „Beauty running along the Danube”. Its old town and the old castle are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The opera house of Bratislava is also popular, you can take part in a high-standard evening relaxation if you go there.

The most important sights of Bratislava are:

the main square of Bratislava, the St. Michael’s Tower, the Bratislava Castle, the Slovak National Theatre, the Primate’s Palace,
the St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Grassalkovich Palace and many more churches, museums, buildings and programs..

Košice is the second well-known city in Slovakia. With its special archaeological findings it is an outstanding city in the region.

The most beautiful sights of Košice are:

the County Hall of Košice, now it functions as a gallery
the coat of arms of Košice, which is the oldest and first one in Europe
the State Theatre, which was built in a Neo-baroque style, is one of the most beautiful historic monument here
the musical fountain with its carillon is one of the modern sights
the Lower Gate, which is a unique archeological complex from the 13th century
the statue of Sandor Marai
the Plague Pillar (Immaculata)
the St. Elisabeth Cathedral
the St. Michael Chapel
the St. Urban Tower with the Wax Scuplture Museum
the Mikluš’s Prison
the Jakab’s Palace

Slovakia, with its beautiful landscape, is a very attractive destination for tourists. This part of the Danube, the marvellous scenery, the mountaintops of the Tatras, they all count as one of the centres of winter sports throughout Europe. Mountaineering is also possible for the lovers of sport. The enthusiastic nature-lovers can also observe unique animal breeds, such as the Tatra chamois or the Tatra marmot.

Out of Slovakia’s natural beauties the Slovak Karst National Park is outstanding. It is also part of the UNESCO World heritage with 1100 caves and precipices. The most significant ones are the Zádielska tiesňava canyon and the Domica Cave. These places are approachable from the direction of the city of Rožňava. The mines around Banská Štiavnica and the ice cave in the Slovak Paradise are also famous.

Also very frequently visited places in Slovakia are: the south-eastern Slovak wine region, the narrow-gauge forest railway (Vychylovka, Kysuce), the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce, one of the geographical centres of Europe (Kremnica). The oldest continously active company of the world is also located here, which nowadays operates as the mint of Slovakia.

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