Travelling to Serbia? Here are some ideas, sights and useful tips.

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If you would like to travel to Serbia, we introduce you the most important sights by regions.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade which is also the country’s biggest city. Its many spectacles would deserve a separate article, but you would definitely want to see the following:

The castle of Belgrade, The Royal Palace, The Coronation Temple, The Statue of Victory, the Obelisk.

Subotica is another important centre. Its most significant historical monuments are the Jakab and Komor Square Synogue, the City Hall with its beautiful lookout, the City Museum and the Raichle Palace which is a tipical secessionist monument palace. The people of Subotica just call it the „Fancy Palace”. The Kosztolányi-walk, which is a programme related to Hungary, also attracts lots of visitors to Subotica.

The most important spectacles of the South-Backa Region are the towns of Becej with the Eiffel’s Lock and the Fantast Palace, and the city of Bac with the fortress and the Bodani Monastery.

Novisad deserves special attention within the region. This city is very attractive. The professionally preserved central square, the pedestrian precincts and the nearby laying Petervaradin Fortress are very popular.

The historically significant Sombor, and the fountain of Doroslovo Sentkut – which is Serbia’s most visited place of pilgrimage – can be found in the West-Backa region.

If you visit the West-Banat region you should definitely have a look at Novi Becej and The St. Gerhard Bishop and Martyr Catholic Church. The Deliblato Sands is a very special natural formation in the area.

South-Syrmia is well-known for the ancient roman city of Sremska Mitrovica, and the nature reserve of Fruška Gora. It is an Orthodox holy area with lots of monasteries and also a nice place to go on trips if you love nature.

While staying in Serbia you shouldn’t miss out the area of the Serbian Charpathians. The Iron Gates, the Derdap National Park, Trajan’s board and the leftovers of Trajan’s bridge are the most popular sights of the region.

Parts of the Unesco World Heritage in Serbia:

• Djerdap National Park
• The Deliblato Sands Special Natural Reserve
• Mt. Sara National Park
• The Tara National Park with the Drina River Canyon
• The Djavolja Varos (Devil’s Town) Natural Landmark
• Fortified Manasija Monastery
• Negotinske Pivnice
• Smederevo Fortress
• Caričin Grad – Iustiniana Prima, archaeological site
• Historical place of Bač and its Surroundings

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