9 seater minibus for a business trip: 10 reasons why it’s the best choice!

Minibus rental for business trips

9 seater minibus rental for a business trip has many advantages from different aspects. Why?

1. Someone needs to drive the car. If there’s no company driver then one of the colleagues will have to do it.

2. Before an important meeting it’s essential that everyone can prepare together. Minibus rental offers a great opportunity, since all our buses are very comfortable, in outstanding condition.

3. For a longer trip you would have to find accommodation, too. Choose our extra services and we’ll take care of that for you.

4. You might need an interpreter, too. In that case you don’t have to find another company. We can choose a driver suitable for your needs, who can also translate for you.

5. For important meetings you have to arrive right on time. This can’t be an issue with SmartBUS. Our drivers won’t get lost because they have good local-knowledge throughout Europe.

6. We always follow the rules. The drivers rest time can’t be an issue, because we can always provide a second driver. Our clients can reach their destinations without having to stop.

7. For meetings you might need promotional material and products or presentation equipment. Transporting these safely is a piece of cake for us.

8. The journey can be quite long. If you rent a 9 seater minibus you will be able to listen to your favourite music or watch a good movie while travelling.

9. If you would like him to, our driver can provide information on the country and the local customs. It can come in handy in a small talk before meetings.

10. And last but not least everything we mentioned is cheaper than to buy all these services from different companies (interpreter, accommodation booking, tour guide, etc.)

Here at SmartBUS, we serve your personal needs and put the service package together based on that. We handle everything in one hand, because this is the most efficient.

If you plan to go on a business trip, renting a 9 seater minibus from us will be full of advantages.

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