9 seater minibus rental for special occasions and events!

Microbus rental for events

Our best seller service is the 9 seater minibus rental. However, if you need transportation for a bigger group it can’t be a problem for us, either.

We provide quality services, taking care of your sports or special equipment, as well (such as a stroller or wheelchair). For weddings we can also decorate our vehicles.

Let’s see in which case is the best choice to rent a minibus:

• If you need to travel with a bigger group, it’s a great alternative instead of using a car. For 8 people, a 9 seater is absolutely ideal. No one has to drive, you just have to enjoy the modern and comfortable vehicle. Events, bachelor parties, sport events, concerts… no problem any more!

• The family is comfortable in the car, but there is no room left for the baggage? In a minibus you’ll all be comfy and cozy! Daddy can enjoy the family holiday without any stress. The driver will take care about the bus and the driving, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

• Are you going on a bussiness trip and you don’t want to drive? You’d rather spend your time preparing yourself for your meeting? Would you like to arrive on time, fresh and relaxed? Then you have got the answer already!

• Are you travelling abroad, but you don’t speak the language? You need a driver and also an interpreter? In that case, we’ll provide a driver with excellent language skills!

• You’re planning a trip to a foreign country and you need a tour guide who can inform you about the local sights, customes and specialities? We’ll solve the problem for you! You don’t have to worry, just enjoy!

• Lots of guests are invited to your wedding? They all need to arrive at the same place at the same time? Not an easy task, why don’t you let the professionals deal with it? We can transport even hundreds of people.

• Sometimes there are sad occasions in the family’s life. Driving to a funeral with a lot of family members can be difficult. With multiple minibuses we can make it easier for you.

Call us if you need our 9 seater minibus rental services! Correct terms and conditions, 15 years of experience.

Ask for a free, personalised quote here: https://smartbus.hu/en/bus-rental-quote/

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