Bus rental for a vacation at lake Balaton? Isn’t it too expensive?

Bus rental - Vacation at lake Balaton

Bus rental is out of question, because you’ve heard that it’s far too expensive? You’d rather plan on using your own car during your holiday?

If you think about it, it might be just a little bit more expensive, but you get so much more, thanks to the extra services, that it’s definitely worth it!

You could ask our dear customers, who come back to us year after year, to enjoy the comfort of bus rental.

They know how much it means that Mum and Dad can entertain the kids one after each other, because no one has to drive. If we are talking about a bigger family with three kids, especially if there is a little one, too, you might have lots and lots of bags. The luggage might not even fit into the boot.

The minibus is big enough to carry everything, from the stroller to the baby carrier and the favourite toys, all the things that you cannot leave without! And the seats remain free and comfortable.

If you’d like us to, we can help you with the booking of the accommodation, as well. If you’re planning to go on trips in the area, the driver can act as a tour guide, too. He can provide useful information about what kind of programmes are on offer, where it’s worth going with little children or he can inform you about the local sights.

Because you have a driver, Daddy can also relax. He can have a bear or a glass of wine after lunch, the family will still get back to the hotel safely.

It is also very important that if there’s something to take care of, the driver can help you out, as well. This way Mum and Dad can always be with their children. It’s much safer like this, because with the little ones you always have to be on the watch to avoid accidents.

If we look at the whole picture we’ll see that bus rental is a great alternative for holiday trips to lake Balaton. It’s really worth it and the whole family can enjoy their vacation, worry-free. Make sure that no one misses the fun!

Before you go on holiday, ask for our free quote here: https://smartbus.hu/en/bus-rental-quote/

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