Bus rental for family trips: Comfort for the whole family

Minibus rental, microbus rental for company trips

You and your family can make the best of the professional services of SmartBUS during hungarian or international trips.

During a family trip usually more generations travel together. To suit all the needs of different age-groups is a big challenge. We offer our services in order to help you with it in any way we can.

Imagine the travelling without having any stress because of itinerary planning or looking anything up. Instead of the exhausting driving you can spend time with your family or enjoy the landscape.

„Which way shall we go?”, „Where should we stop?”, „Did we get lost?”. These kinds of questions wouldn’t even come up. You’d sit back and relax in a highly comfortable passenger compartment and enjoy every moment of the family trip. Would you perhaps drink a glass of wine after dining in a restaurant with your family? No problem!

That’s exactly what we offer for you and your family!
During a family trip bus rental can be a promising solution with many extra advantages besides these obvious aspects. What is definitely worth mentioning, among other extra services of SmartBUS bus rental, is the on-demand itinerary planning. It can considerably make your life and your family’s life easier during either domestic or international trips.
For a bus trip abroad you can also choose a driver with foreign language skills (or an interpreter). This way you won’t miss anything because of the lack of language skills.

Other extra services during bus rental are the on-demand audio, TV, DVD service, to avoid getting bored on the way. You can choose the minibus you prefer the most on our website.

If you’d like to exploit the advantages of maximum comfort and convenience then bus rental, minibus rental is the best alternative for you in case of domestic or international family trips. It’s a great possibility for a smaller group or even hundreds of people!

Choose from our vehicles: https://smartbus.hu/en/rentable-buses/
In case of a larger number of people, ask for a unique quote:


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