Bus rental for sightseeing with an optional tour guide

Minibus rental, microbus rental for sightseeing

Bus rental is a great alternative when visiting relatives or friends. Especially if you’d like to make the time with your loved ones unforgettable.

Are you expecting a bigger group? Are you planning to visit relatives abroad or maybe friends living in the countryside? Or perhaps expecting someone with whom you’d like to share your city’s spectacles?

Organising and planning a sightseeing for a group can be difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention that the problems that could come with it can ruin the time spent together. You can loose hours with planning the itinerary, choosing the spectacles, harmonising the events and the schedule. Also you can be the driver and the tour guide at the same, surely missing some of the experience. You won’t be able to relax either, because you have to manage everything.
That’s what an eventful tour is all about. With us, of course, that is!
If you choose the services of SmartBUS, you can get rid of all these problems completely.

The advantages of bus rental are even more enticing when it comes to sightseeing. You can choose any of our extra services that you need.
Extra services of SmartBUS:
Itinerary planning, tour organising, music of any kind, unique decoration, „No limit” bus rental. Which means exactly what it suggests, that we can manage to professionally transport unlimited number of people, even hundreds of them.

Our bus rental for sightseeing service is the guarantee that the time spent with your relatives, loved ones, friends or even business accociates will be worthwhile. Making you free from any unnecessary trouble and complication.

Choose from our vehicles: https://smartbus.hu/en/rentable-buses/
In case of a larger number of people, ask for a unique quote:


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