Bus rental is much more than just a taxi! But what more can you get?

Bus rental - much more than just a taxi

For most people bus rental is just about transporting people. But truly, there is much more to it. We are talking about a complex service.

Bus rental or minibus rental can be neccessary in the following cases:

• business trips inland or abroad
• transporting guests for weddings
• family holiday inland or abroad
• business events, to transport employees
• team building trips
• regular assignments
• transportation for workers
• funerals

In these cases, other needs might come up, we have to provide different services:

The itinerary has to be done properly in advance, we have to find accommodation, interpreter or tour guide might be needed. The unexpected situations or problems need solving. Personal and special needs must be handled professionally and so on

The driver doesn’t just has to be driving, but he has to be someone with both good language skills and local-knowledge. This is especially handy in case of trips abroad.

Bus rental has its advantages in other aspects as well. Not only you get an invoice, but there is a contract as well, which states the prices and services. If anything goes wrong, you can hand in an official complaint.

The drivers at SmartBUS will soon become part of the „team”, thanks to their friendly attitude. Regardless if we are talking about a wedding, business trips, family holiday or any other occasion.

Our dear customers, who come back to us year after year, often talk about their exciting stories from one of their journeys, when they return to us.

And why do they come back? Because they know very well, that we have a solution for almost every situation that might come up during a trip or even just after leaving, when they realise that they forgot something at home …

Do you have experience in bus rental? If you are reading this article, you probably don’t have a contact, like our customers have us. They don’t read articles. They call us!

Thank you for your time!

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