Bus trip to Belgrade – the birthplace of the Noon Bell

Bus Trip - Belgrade, Serbia

The castle of Belgrade is a grateful memory to all the heroes, both from Hungary and Serbia.

The castle is the most important sight of the city. Its history starts back in the 11th century, and was eventful up till the 19th century, because it served as a fortress till 1829.

We can feel a strong Ottoman influence on the city. Such unique sights can be seen as: the tombs of Damat Ali Pasha, Selim III and Hasan Pasha, the Gate of Charles VI, the Nebojsa Tower, the Stambol Gate.

The special feeling of the town could even fit into a novel. The Serbian capital lies where the European and the Balkan countries meet. From the aspect of terrain it lies on the border of the Carpathian Basin and the Balkan peninsula. If we look at the hydrography: it is located where the Danube crosses the Sava.

The must-see historical sights for all tourist are the following: Terazije Fountain, the Royal Compound, the Floegel Art Collection, the Paja Jovanović Collection, the Cathedral of Saint Sava, the National Museum, the Gallery of Frescoes, the Jewish district, the old University, the Ethnographic Museum and Zemun (the old town).

Belgrade is famous for its exciting nightlife, which attracts loads of tourists to the city. The reasons behind this are mostly the special clubs, high quality party services, the cheap prices and the friendly, liberal mentality.

Very special party services are provided by the partyboats on both rivers. Famous clubs can also be found in Belgrade, eg. the „Academy”, the Klub Studenata Tehnike (which is located at the University of Belgrade) or the Studentski Kulturni Centar. They are definitely worth visiting, host many exhibitions and concerts.

The traditional, old fashioned city music also found its place in Belgrade. You should definitely see Skadarlija, which was the centre of the bohemian life in the early 1900’s. Today it is famous for its lovely restaurants and coffeshops.

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