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Germany is one of the great powers of the world, with lots of tourist attractions.

Its capital is Berlin but Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart are also very popular cities. Out of Berlin’s spectacles the Alexanderplatz with its famous world clock, the Berlin TV Tower, the Berlin Cathedral and the Museum Island are the most frequented.

All these kinds of places are part of the bucket list of every real sightseer when they visit Germany. The famous places of Hamburg: the Rathaus, which is one of the largest city halls of the world, the world-famous Japanese Garden and also the annual celebration of the harbour’s birthday are all attracting thousands of people. The Cologne Cathedral is also one of the symbols of Germany.

In Munich the Pinacothecas, the art galleries, the parks of the city: the English Garden (even larger than New York’s Central Park) and the Nymphenburg Park with the Nymphenburg Palace, the BWM Museum, the famous Victory Gate and the Oktoberfest are all drawing people’s attention. Stuttgart is the city of Mercedes Benz, with its significant automobile museum but the world’s first TV Tower and the Wilhelma, which is the largest zoo and botanical garden in Central Europe, are also located here.

Besides big-city life, the pleasures of the countryside and the natural environment are also luring tourists to Germany. The country’s nature conservation started with the princely zoos hundreds of years ago. Today there are numberless nature reserves and zoos that people can visit and where they can go hiking, do sports.

Landscapes, regions acknowledged by UNESCO:

Grumsin forest, Brandenburg
Hainich National Park, Thuringia
Jasmund National Park
Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, Hesse
Serrahn Hills (Müritz National Park), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Further sites acknowledged by UNESCO, which are definitely worth visiting:

the Aachen Cathedral,
the Speyer Cathedral,
the Würzburg Residence,

Palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin,

the already mentioned Cologne Cathedral,
the Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg,
the Muskau Park,
the Upper Rhine Valley,
and The Dresden Elbe Valley.

The german gastronomy has various specialties, you can come across local curiosities anywhere. For that the Königssee and the Berchtesgaden Alps, where Hitler’s former holiday home is located, offers a lot of opportunities.

For a tourist, Germany is an endless paradise. Besides the above mentioned we also suggest visiting the area of the coast of the Wadden Sea and the exceptionally beautiful cities of Dresden, Lübeck and Potsdam. The so-called „Saxon Switzerland” national park and the Wartburg Castle are also part of the UNESCO Heritage. The Black Forest, which is the birthplace of the river Danube, is also worth mentioning.

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