Bust trip to Bratislava

Bus trip - Bratislava

There are many reasons why tourists should visit Slovakia’s beautiful capital, Bratislava.

Bratislava has a very active nightlife, is an exclusive experience, both its historical past and culture make it worth travelling there.

Similarly to Prague, it’s one of the citadels of the Central European culture and it is easily approachable, as well. Just as Budapest, the city is devided by the Danube and connected with 5 beautiful bridges.

Most important places and sights:

The old town is a beautiful town centre with a large pedestrian precinct and lots of shopping opportunities. Located on relatively high ground surrounded by the city. It is also the home of the Slovakian National Museum. Have a look at the nowadays very popular street statues, too!.

The embankment of the Danube is famous for its special architecture. Theatres, exclusive clubs and restaurants can be found here.

Michael’s Gate: the remaining northern gate of the old town

The old town hall is located at the old square. Influenced by three different styles of architecture. A very uniqe, eclectic sight. Its tower also functions as a lookout point.

St. Martin’s Cathedral: an outsanding coronation church, that lies under the castle. Its 85 metre-high tower is decorated by the Hungarian Holy Crown, because between 1653 and 1830 the church was the place of the coronation ceremony.

The Primate’s Palace is a fantastic spectacle. Its wallcarpets are known as local interests.

You musn’t miss out the old Main Square. It is home to the famous Franciscan Church and the Mirbach Palace.

The promenade’s pedestrian precincts and restaurants attract lots of tourists, too.

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