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Greece is Europe’s Nr. 1 country with see shore resorts. In 2011, 387 beaches and 9 ports got the Blue Flag prize.

This is a quality trademark that refers to the cleanness and quality of water, the quality of services, and the availability of the information with regards of these.

If you choose Greece as your destination, you’ll need to be prepared for the hot summer (30-40 c) and the Greek lifestyle: wake up late, afternoon nap, busy night life. The unforgettable experience is guaranteed by the Mediterranean landscape, the tiny fishing villages and the outstanding climatic features, wherever you go in Greece.

When visiting Greece choose a resort that does not only offer the see and the beach, but other activities as well.

Neo Marmas and Sarti in Northen Greece are easily approachable and they provide a calm and comfortable family holiday. With the slowly deepening see shores they are safe for children as well.

Still in Northen Greece, Paralia is a more dynamic beach, well-known for its vibrating night life, mostly recommended for young people.

Neri Pori is a very modern, extravagant place near the Olympos „the Mountain of the Gods”, which is one of the must-see places in Greece. The whole village was specially built to serve the tourists’ needs.

When you choose your destination in Greece, you can also pick an island such as Corfu, Zachyntos or Chephalonia. All the islands are different. Corfu is perfect for trips in the nature and for night life activities. Chephalonia is a real experience with its romantic landscape, ancient buildings and unique sea shores.

You shouldn’t miss out the capital of Greece, Athens, when visiting the country. You’ll never find another city like that. Ancient places and modern vibrating life all in one.

The most visited spectaculars are: the Acropolis, Temple of Athene Nike, Benaki Museum and the Theatre of Dionysus.

If your family is going to have a Greek vacation, it’s worth to have a look at the advantages of having a minibus with a driver. Our extra services can be really helpful if you need a guide or an interpreter.

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