Croatia, Adriatic Sea, festivals? Bus rental will put the icing on the cake.

Bus rental - Festivals in Croatia

This year Croatia stands out again. Quality festivals are waiting for the people wanting to relax and party at the Adriatic Sea.

Summer is finally here. This is the time of the year at the Adriatic Sea. Countless programmes, festivals, parties and much more. Everyone can find their style and place and can have a great time with their friends. Do you already know which one to choose? Have you decided how to get there or who is going to be driving? Have you ever been thinking about minibus rental?

If the team puts the money together it won’t be that expensive, and it has certain benefits which offer solutions for many problems.

1. You’ll have a driver so no one has to miss out the beers and the drinks. That is usually part of the festival feeling.

2. If you are going not only to the festival, but planning to stay there longer on holiday, the luggage for a week or two can take up a tremendous amount of space. Talking about 8-10 friends, you’ll have bags everywhere even on the seats if the car is full. Minibus rental is a great solution for that. Everyone and everything will have a comfortable seat or place.

3. The costs of the fuel and the motorway ticket are the same for 1 person or 8 people. If you put the money together, you’ll save the money that the extra services and comfort cost.

Think about it, it’s worth it!

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Please find a short listing about the festivals in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea:

Hvar island: Ohm Festival – For electric music lovers
Pag island: Hideout Festival – Party ships and pool parties
Makarska Riviera: Echo Underground Electronic Music Festival
Sibenik Festival – Worldwide famous performers, pop, rock, folk, blues and African music

SmartBUS wishes you a comfortable and safe journey in 2016! Enjoy!

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