Croatian vacation? Would you prefer your own car or a rented minibus?

Blog - Family vacation to Croatia

Are you planning a family vacation to Croatia? Are you looking for the best, cheapest travelling alternative?

Is it going to be Croatia this year? Would you prefer your own car or a rented minibus with a driver?

A family vacation usually means less than 10 people. It seems more obvious to set out for a vacation by car. In that case, though, you have to do everything by yourself during the whole trip.

What do we mean exactly? Let’s go through the most important tasks we have to deal with regarding a family vacation, if we decide to go for it ourselves:

itinerary planning and replanning in case of an unexpected situation
someone has to drive all the way and because of that it isn’t really a vacation for that person
local-knowledge of the chosen country is very important
appropriate language skills are essential in order to avoid complications
• precise knowledge of the local traffic rules
sorting things out with the accommodations, programmes
deal with any unexpected event
• … and we could continue, these were just the most important ones.

Now, let’s go through this list again assuming that you choose minibus rental with a driver:

We’ll help you with the itinerary planning
The driver sits behind the wheel, so that every member of the family can enjoy every minute of the vacation together. Read More
• Our drivers have great local-knowledge
Our employees have foreign language skills, so you won’t have to worry about speaking any languages abroad
Our bus drivers know the local traffic rules precisely
We’ll help you with sorting things out regarding accommodations, programmes
With our several years of experience we can help you solving unexpected situations effectively
Our minibuses are in perfect technical condition: Rentable minibuses
• You can also request additional extra services: Bus rental with extras
Our prices will convince you that considering everything it will also turn out to be more cost-effective: Minibus rental prices

Think about all these aspects, before making your decision!

Ask for a uniqe quote to help you with deciding!

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