Family trip abroad? Have you thought of everything?

Minibus rental, microbus rental for family trips

Is everyone excited about the family trip? Can’t wait for the holidays? Have you planned, organised, calculated, booked everything?

Have you asked Granny to watch over the dog, the neighbour to water the plants? Does the parrot stay at your sister’s? You really have thought of everything!

But are you really sure about that?

Just one question: if you choose the family car, as planned, who will drive? Daddy, like always?

Yes, that’s logical, people used to do that. Only one more question: if daddy drives during the whole vacation, when exactly is he going to spend his vacation? Because driving for hundreds or even thousands of kilometres is everything but vacation. But of course sometimes it is because the family is together in the meantime.

But what if the family would REALLY be together? How great it would be if you could enjoy the landscape and the spectacles on the way together instead of keeping an eye on the road. It’s completely different to travel together if the driving is not drawing your attention!

If you now imagine the picture: you are playing with your children while the car is rolling towards your destination then the only thing you have to do is rethink this side of travelling. Bus rental is the most comfortable and cost-effective alternative.

You can also request a driver with foreign language skills. This way you can make sure that the lack of language skills won’t stand in the way of you enjoying your vacation. Everyhing would be much simpler, you wouldn’t get lost either – because the drivers have great local knowledge.

In the boot of the minibus there’s enough room for the luggage as well as for the souvenirs on the way back home.

Our drivers have years of experience regarding unexpected events, so they can adapt quickly and effectively to almost any situation.

This is our guarantee that the family vacation will truly be an enjoyable, nice and pleasurable journey and a wonderful experience for every member of the family.

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