Italian vacation? Travelling in a group or the freedom of bus rental?

Bus Trip - Italy

Italy’s astonishing culture and architecture are combined with numerous natural beauties.

Whether it’s summer time – when as tourists people mostly like to enjoy the sunshine on the beach – or winter time – which is the best for winter sports and relaxation in the mountains. In Italy you can have unique alternatives for both.

Someone who is interested in Italy’s culture surely heard about the Italian Renaissance. Its architectural relics decorate the beautiful landspace everywhere in Italy. The so-called villagio turistico, which means tourism related to rural sites and gastronomic pleasures, is becoming more popular nowadays . Italy is the fourth most visited country.

Italy’s most famous cities: Rome – the capital, Florence, Naples, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Palermo, Verona – each one with lots of sites acknowledged by UNESCO.

The most popular places: Vatican City in Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel with the fresco made by Michelangelo on its ceiling. Also the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, where you can admire the beautiful work of Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, or the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, where Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco of The Last Supper is located, are all must-sees. In addition, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venice the „city of lovers” are also the symbols of Italy.

Italy has a coastline on the Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, that’s why it has lots of holiday resort possibilities on the coast: Amalfi, Bibione, Capri, Caorle, Cattolica, Cesenatico, Chioggia, Sottomarina, Grado, Ischia, Lido de Jesolo, Lignano, Riccione, Rimini, Riviera del Conero, Sanremo, Senigallia, Sorrento and Vieste. This italian vacation will surely be one of the memorable experiences of your life!

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