Microbus rental for events or occasions, flexible solution

Microbus rental for occasions

Microbus rental? Bus rental? But it’s too expensive! Are you sure about that?

A couple examples from life:

1. Company event: A group of 40 people, it takes hours to discuss who travels with whom. Days before the event the work efficiency lowers to zero because everyone is arranging. Then on the road one of the car is falling behind from the convoy „we just dropped by at the gas station.” Lengthy conversations until they can find their way back. The other team says they need help. They have a puncture and they don’t have the tools. They didn’t think that they would need it …! One of the cars turns around. They change the tyre, everything’s okay, we’re good to go.

2. Wedding: A bigger part of the wedding guests are in the church, waiting for the others. The parents of the bride and the groom among them. The ceremony should’ve started 10 minutes ago. It’s 20 minutes already. The priest says that the next couple is waiting. It’s half an hour now. Finally, they arrived! The priest says that some parts will be shorter because he can’t keep the other couple waiting. It’s over. The bride wants to cry, but she HAS to smile! Let’s go to the restaurant. It’s difficult for the older ones to find their places, the cars fall behind. Everyone else is waiting again. The food and the mood seems to get cold. It’s a big challenge for the band to keep everyone in a festive mood. Finally, the others arrived and the big day remains unforgettable, that’s for sure!

3. Employee shuttles: New assignment, the team has to arrive at 8 o’clock to start the work. The bricklayer is checking in: he won’t make it in time because his car broke down. Unfortunately he travels with two other workers, so they are all late. The electrian calls at 7:55 that he’s stuck in traffic, he didn’t check the news in the morning – lane closure. It’s 8:00, the foreman is waiting there with two people instead of nine. And waiting. Until 10:30, when everyone arrives. It’s a huge bummer and there’s an awkward explanation to the client that „it was just a one-time event, we always start at 9 o’clock”. Sure! If you say so!

Have you ever considered that for events, weddings or funerals how much easier and cheaper microbus rental could be? Or depending on the number of people renting a bigger bus, instead of travelling by a lot of cars?

You can even combine them together! Where there’s a lot of people to pick up in one location, you can have a bigger bus. For picking up people from different locations or perhaps the countryside you can have several microbuses.

That’s how it’s possible for everyone to be at the venue at the same time. This is what we’ve been doing at SmartBUS for more than 15 years. Lots of events, chaos, unexpected sudden changes happened which we successfully sorted out every time, thanks to our professional team.

Microbus rental can be the best alternative in many cases! Whether it’s an event or an employee shuttle. We can also help you with planning and organising in order to create a solution that suits your needs best. It’s much cheaper than maintaining and paying for a company car fleet. The costs of microbus rental are deductible and you only get one invoice instead of a pile of them. Think about it!

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