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Minibus rental with 2 drivers for a trip abroad? Why do you need two drivers for one bus? The answers are the following.

You’re probably interested in minibus rental, that’s why you’re reading this article. Someone who have rented a minibus before, already knows the answer, because it was explained.

The most important aspect of road traffic, for anyone who is travelling, is safety. Namely for you as a passenger, for the driver and for anyone taking part in the traffic.

Therefore, among other things, the regulations prescribe how many hours a driver can drive in one go. In case of a longer trip obviously a second driver will be needed for the travelling to be uninterrupted. But of course, if you don’t mind waiting for 45 minutes every 4,5 hours, than you don’t necessarily need another driver, but you definitely do in case of a multiple day trip. People, who don’t know this, are trying to convince the lessor to disregard it and to go ahead with only one driver instead – saying „the driver will just need to go faster to be there in time, etc…”.

But there’s another case when the passengers of the rental company breaking the rules can find themselves in an awkward position without any notice. If, during a traffic stop, it is revealed that the driver has been driving more than what is allowed, then he has to stop IMMEDIATELY and take his rest time. With this you will be held up, as well, which can be unpleasant in case you have somewhere to be in time or you haven’t planned the extra cost for an accommodation. Furthermore, the driver will have to pay a fine which he presumably would like to charge you with, at least partially. This way something that starts cheaper can get much more expensive in the end. It’s very important to consider whether it’s worth it.

The lessor knows exactly how much fine they have to pay in a case like this, but money is NOT the most important aspect, but safety! The goal is that you and your companions can reach your destination safely without taking any risks. For the sake of your own safety DO NOT EVEN GET IN the vehicle of someone who’s willing to break the rules to transport you. Their irresponsibility may endanger you.

You can be rest assured that we, at SmartBUS, observe all the rules even if it means losing some of the clients because of that. Although we won’t be able to offer such a low price like other, risk-taking companies, but we guarantee that we can safely transport you anywhere you like.

You can find further information about the regulations of minibus rental on the link below:


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