Minibus rental with a driver. What else do we provide?

Bus rental with driver

Rent a minibus with driver – most of us would think it’s just about transporting people from one place to another and that’s it.

But not at SmartBUS! We will go that extra mile. We can make your journey safer, more enjoyable and comfortable in many ways.

In some cases we can already help with the luggage. Lots of unique requests can come up when it comes to longer journeys, we are prepared to sort them out.

We think about families, too. Children can watch movies during the drive. They won’t get bored because they have to sit on the bus.

It’s quite a job to have every guest arriving at the same time and place for a wedding. It doesn’t matter if you have a wedding planner or you do it by yourself, we’ll make it easier for you.

Our long-term cooperations are the best proof, that we always find a solution. Even if we have to transport your employees to work every day.

If you’re planning a holiday abroad, we can already help you with the itinerary.

Our drivers’ experience, language skills and positive attitude can be essential in an unexpected situation in a foreign country.

If you book a group bus trip you have to accept their schedule, itinerary, hotels, programmes etc.. And of course the others needs.

But if you book your own bus with a driver, your whole journey can be personalised specially for your needs.

Within a country we’ll find the best place that fits your personality and interests the most.

According to that we plan the itinerary and based on our previous experiences we can give you advice on where to stay, as well.

Let us drive instead of you, we have the knowledge and the experience.

If you are not confident enough to know the language of the country, we’ll make it easier for you by choosing the right driver.

If something unexpected happens or you just simply wish so, we can change the schedule or the route any time during the journey.

Our goal is to provide comfort, safety and attention to you during the whole time. We’ll give that extra little bit so you can have a wonderful time!

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