Minibus rental with driver, interpreter and other extras

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Are you planning to travel abroad, but you’re not confident about your language skills and you don’t want to drive, either?

Is there enough room for the family, but not for the luggage?

Are you perhaps worried about your local-knowledge, that’s why you would have a professional to do the driving?

Minibus rental is a great solution for these problems! With more than 15 years of experience SmartBUS is renting out buses in perfect technical condition that can suit any needs. It’s possible to transport even hundreds of people.

Minibus rental is more cost-effective – if you compare the costs – than travelling with your own car. Having your own driver is worth everything – especially when it comes to a family vacation or a business trip. Since you can spend more time with your loved ones or prepare yourself for a meeting while the driver is behind the wheel instead of you. For the travelling to be more comfortable, in every rentable bus you can listen to music or watch movies. All this in maximum comfort, thanks to the adjustable seats and the air-conditioning.

The appearance and manner of our drivers are always perfect. With their great local-knowledge we can plan the best route in advance. And thanks to their fluent languange skills they can also help you out when travelling abroad, like an interpreter.

We can decorate our buses so it would be suitable for a wedding or we can apply removable advertisement elements that can promote your company.

Surely you, too, have unique requests! Everyone has different needs when it comes to minibus rental.

It’s important to discuss all these, because it can affect the final price, in the end. If, for instance, after signing the contract you decide that the driver should have foreign language skills after all, that of course means extra cost. Or like the case of: „I do want to have company/wedding decoration on the bus, after all”. Consider everything, that you might need.

We’ve dealt with a lot of events, weddings or bus trips abroad before. We always learn something new. If you need assistance during even the planning phase, we are more than happy to help you with our practical experience.

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