Regular bus rental: Employee shuttle, shopping bus line

Regular bus rental, minibus rental

Keep everything related to travelling or commuting under your company’s control with the regular bus rental service of SmartBUS.

In our fast changing world it takes time to overcome distances. And since time is money, it actually takes the time and money of your workers, your clients and yourself. You can hire the services of SmartBUS for regular transports as well as occasional business trips.

We provide safe, predictable, high standard passenger transport services for events with smaller groups or even hundreds of people.

We also offer the arranging of employee shuttles, regular business trips or shopping bus lines. Bus rental is an extremely cost-effective alternative. Not to mention the fact that you and your co-workers can be free of the late arrivings to work because of traffic jams and the unreliability of public transport.

We designed our regular bus rental services considering many little details. One of its outstanding advantages is that you can exploit the regular bus rental service of SmartBUS on a significant discount.

Our „No Limit” bus rental service shows our flexibility since we can organise the transport of a smaller group or even multiple hundred people.

SmartBUS also pays attention to the experience of travelling. With our special, extra services we’re making a nice atmosphere during the trips. You can listen to any music or watch TV, DVD on the way.
If the comfort of your employees is important for you then these options can mean valuable extras during travelling to work in the mornings. Or even for a business trip, seasonal work with several people.
You can choose from our useful extras when travelling abroad: drivers with foreign language skills, interpreter for meetings, tour guide for sightseeing, itinerary planning, program planning or trailer rental in case of numerous suitcases.

Here you can choose the minibus that suits your needs the best:
In case of a larger number of people, ask for a unique quote:

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