Slovakia is a wonderful country! Bratislava, Košice, the Tatras …

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Slovakia, this beautiful but small country, offers you nature, history and culture.

Bratislava, the capital, is often addressed as the thousand-faced city. Bratislava is also part of the Hungarian history, as it has been Hungary’s capital for many years. The wonderful architecture captures the memories of this era.

Bratislava is one of Europe’s cultural centres. The city’s development is unstoppable. „Beauty by the Danube” – a well deserved nickname, which is absolutely true.

The old town centre and castle are part of the Unesco World Heritage. If you travel to the city, we strongly recommend you to visit the world-famous Opera House. The experience is outstanding!

Some of the must-see sights of Bratislava are: the castle, St. Michael’s Gate, Primate’s Palace, Hviezdoslav Square, National Theatre, St. Martin’s Chathedral, the Grassalkovich Palace, as well as many temples museums and buildings.

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia. The unique historical sights attract a lot of people.

The beautiful sights of Kosice are:

The beautiful county hall functions as a galery nowadays.
• Košice’s coat of arms, the first municipal coat of arms in Europe.
• The State Theater Košice is one of the nicest building sin the town.
• The city fountain is an excellent sight and it’s a pleasure to listen to its lovely music.
A unique archaeological building from the 13th century, the Lower Gates
• The statue of Sandor Marai
• The Immaculate statues
• The St. Elizabeth Chatedral, where the final resting place of Francis II Rákóczi can be found
• The St. Michael Chapel
• The St. Urban Tower, in which there’s a unique wax museum exhibition
• The old Mikluš prison, which functioned as a prison and torture chamber between the 17th and 19th century.
Historicism style Jakab’s Palace gives home to the Replica of Rákóczi’s home in Tekirdağ (Rodosto) where he lived while in exile.

Slovakia’s other famous regions are:

• The wonderful areas next to the Danube
• The Highlands or Upper Hungary’s fantastic landscape.
• The Tatra mountines offer great opportunities if you love sports or nature. Skiing, hiking, unique species…

1100 caves and chasms are parts of the Unesco World Heritage in the Slovak Karst National Park. The most famous is Zadielska Tiesnava and Domica cave. Don’t forget to visit the Slovak Paradise or the ice cave!

The Vychylovka Kysuce, the Andy Warhol Museum and Kremnica are also well known, as well as Southern Slovakia’s wine and wineyards.

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