The advantages of minibus rental for trips with friends, bachelor parties

Minibus rental for bachelor parties

Minibus rental is cheaper than travelling with two or three cars. Besides, it’s more comfortable, too.

If you’d need two or more cars and you’d rather like to relax and have fun, think about renting a minibus. If you look at the extra services, other than the basic costs, it’s going to be more cost-effective. Let’s see its advantages:

No one has to drive. Every member of the group can enjoy every minute, nobody will miss out a good joke.

Everyone can have a drink, the driver will be there to take you home. It’s not worth risking drinking and driving at the same time. You might get checked by the police, not to mention the risk of an accident.

If you take the train or the bus when you go to a match, on the way back you might get a couple of strange looks from the other passangers. You don’t have to worry about this anymore, regardless if it was caused by the joy of victory or the sadness of losing.

A bachelor party usually comes with drinking, it’s not a mystery. Why would you force someone to drink soda, if there is another safe and comfortable solution as well? The party can take place at many different locations, that won’t cause a problem anymore.

If you go on a trip with your friends to do some sporting together or you just simply want to relax, you can always have a drink together. Usually the sports equipment requires space, too. But that’s also not an issue anymore, because a minibus provides a big space for the bags, as well.

It’s also an important aspect that the bus we rent out should be just as comfortable as our own car, or even better!

All the SmartBUS vehicles are provided with maximum comfort and extras, spotless and clean, in outstanding technical condition.

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