Travel to Slovenia: Special places, unique historical memories

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Thinking about tourism, we can divide Slovenia for three major regions:

• Prekmurje region
• Podrevska region
• Krajna region

Slovenia, Prekmurje region:

The Prekmurje region is very rich in Slovakian sights. The historical memories share a common past with Hungary, such as Lendava Castle, the Castle at Musrka Sobota, the Rakičan-Batthyány Castle and a Grad Castle.

The Rakičan-Batthyány Castle is famous for its beautiful park and horse centre. Many ancient temples can be found here, all known form different happenings.

The St. Nicholas church remained in good conditions from the 13th century. The Romanic-style church is wonderfully decorated with Gothic paintings. These paintings tell us a lot about the era.

Martjanci and Turnišče are famous for their 14th century churches. These are all beautiful historical memories.

If you love nature and would like to have an unforgettable experience, you should certainly visit the Goričko Natur Park or the area of Dobrovnik. The lake Bukovniško is an ideal place for trips.

Krajna region:

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is nested in the Krajna region. It would be a shame to miss out the city’s beautiful sights. The architecture mixes the Mediterranean style with the Habsburg Monarchy’s historical buildings.

Several little coffee shops and restaurants wait for the tourists. The locals are well-known for their hospitality. Walking on the cobblestones you can visit many interesting museums. In the evening the tired traveller can have a rest, a good dinner and taste local beer specialties.

The most beautiful sights of Ljubljana are listed below:

Prešernov square, the Triple Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana Cathedral, National Gallery, Tivoli Castle, the National Museum of Contemporary History.

Bled is located near the city. It will amaze you with its beautiful lake and landscape. The Bled
Castle has been the residence of the royal family for a long time.

Podrevska region:

Mainly famous for Maribor, Ptuj, Ormož and Dravinja-lowland.

Maribor: The second largest city in Slovenia, located on the banks of the Drava River. The old town lies on the Northern Bank, while the new city was built on the Southern. The Romans started the grape culture on the Southern hills.
It attracts the visitors with its beauty and sights.

Ptuj: Slovenia’s oldest town. Ptuj gives home for several festivals and welcomes the tourists.

The Slovenian sea shore is a separate region itself.

However it is only a short part, its beauty competes witt Croatia’s seaside. It is not as busy, which is a great advantage if you’d like to relax.

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