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Minibus rental - Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Rebublic, is well-known for its unique, cultural heritage.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Prague, just to see its wonderful architecture and get the feel of the city. The ancient centre of Prague is a fantastic mixture of the busy night life and the outlook that refers to the past. Everyone can find their cup of tea there. That’s why so many people choose Prague as their destination for their holiday.

The Czech Rebublic takes special care of the historical memories. Tourism is the most important sector of the economy of the country. It is quite obvious that they do everything within their power to keep the standards up and develop the areas they can.

The Historic Centre of Prague is part of the Unesco World Heritage. It is a great idea to rent a minibus for the trip, so you can explore the city in your own pace, you don’t have to go with a group.

Must see sights in Prague:

The Old Town Square is an attractive sight. The City Hall is a wonderful building, referring to many architectural style.

The most interesting however is the old Astronomical Clock. From 1410 it shows us not just the hours, but the change of months, seasons, Sun and Moon, even the zodiac signs. There is a legend saying that its builder’s eyesight had been taken, to make sure that he can never build anything like that again.

The Loreto of Prague is an outstanding sight. There are lots of legends about it.

The Daliboroka tower was originally a prison. You can hear many legends about it when visiting.

The Charles-bridge is one of Prague’s symbols. One of its towers functioned as a town gate once. Don’t forget to go up there and enjoy the landscape of the city from the height!

There is a legend saying, that if you touch the John of Nepomuk statue, you’ll get lucky. It is definitely worth a try!

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