Cheap bus rental? It can cost you a lot of money. We’ll tell you why!

Cheap bus rental

If you need to rent a bus for a trip abroad, you want to find the most cost-effective solution. And that is perfectly fine.

But not many of us know why some businesses can offer those cheap prices. Because from many aspects they are not always fair.

Let’s see a couple of examples, why they are able to offer a cheap price:

1. There is no company behind them, therefore they don’t have the extra cost of that
2. They won’t give you an invoice, so you cannot deduct the costs.
3. No one controls if they maintain their buses properly, so the technical condition and safety status of the buses are uncertain. It’s very important because you trust the driver with your life, therefore you deserve the highest standards and safety.
4. Only one driver takes the whole journey – it would not be cost effective to do it with two. It means a problem when the driver gets stopped and turns out he reached his limits. Then he has to stop to rest and he’ll get a penalty, as well. In this case you have to wait or even look for an accommodation, which means extra cost for you. This is where you pay out what you have saved on the cheap price.
5. Hires only temporary staff and don’t pay taxes after them.
6. It’s not enough if the driver can literally just drive the bus. The service is much more complex than that – at least for us, it is.
7. The drivers probably don’t have the language skills and the local-knowledge to help you in a foreign country.
8. Their service does not include the planning of the itinerary. They won’t know what to do in case a road block or any other problems. And that means you will be late which can be very awkward and embarrassing for example on a business trip.
9. They don’t have insurance so you won’t get a compensation if it comes to that. It’s your responsibility.
10. To travel abroad means hours and hours of sitting on the bus. The comfortable seats and the conveniences of the bus means a lot. You should be able to listen to music or watch movies and use the air-conditioning. And last but not least, it’s very important who you are travelling with for that long time.

These are the main aspects why the prices can be so different. For your safety and comfort think twice before you choose!

Money is not the one and only important thing. You can already see, how the cheapest quote can turn out to be the most expensive choice, furthermore you can have uncomfortable situations coming up during the route, too.

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