Cheap minibus rental is a relative concept!

Cheap minibus rental

What do you consider cheap? And what do you think is expensive? Let’s talk about it!

How does the price of the bus rental build up:

• the quality level of the bus
• the kilometre fees
• fuel costs
• amortisation
• taxes
• motorway tickets
• fees of the extra services (optional)
• two drivers’ payments for trips abroad
• accommodation of the driver(s)

The list above contains the cost of the services and the expenses of the firm. As always, these are included in the price.

A lot of people think that paying two drivers for a trip abroad is too expensive. But they don’t know the law. According to that, the driver can only drive 4,5 hours in a row, than he has to stop for 45 minutes, because of safety issues. It is obvious that this is very important for the passengers.

And this is exactly the case when some firms do not follow the law. They only send one driver and risk your safety!

You have to know that if the driver gets stopped by the police, and he did not have his rest, he has to stop immediately. This can take you by surprise, because you might be late or you might have to find accommodation for the night. The cheapest offer might turn out as the most expensive one in the end!

But the main concern is, that if the firm does not follow the law, they might ignore other rules, too. For example the general checking of the technical condition of the minibus. Is it safe to leave with a vehicle like that?

They might not even give you a contract or they might not have the proper insurance. Should you have any problems, you won’t be able to get any help.

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