Minibus rental? Here’s a couple of handy tips before signing the contract.

Minibus rental - Contract

Minibus rental is generally simple. However, sometimes there might be a few difficulties, which are worth mentioning.

It’s not only your money that can be waisted if you are not careful enough.

Hiring contract

The contract should be a basic step but sometimes it’s not. Some people try to rent out buses without having a company background and that can be quite inconvenient from your aspect.

If there’s no contract you can get the bus cheaper, but what kind of a service can you expect for that cheap price?

For the sake of your safety it is very important that the technical condition is checked all the time. Without having a company background there is no control over that. It’s worth to inquire about extras on the bus. During summer it’s not really comfortable to travel without air conditioning.

Does the minibus have the correct documentation? If the police checks the driver, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, especially abroad.

For a longer trip abroad you must have two drivers in order of being able to stick to their break times. If you go with one driver and get checked, they will force you to stop so he can have his rest time. Are you prepared to wait for hours?

If anything happens, you won’t get any compensation without a contract because there were no terms and conditions in written form.

Minibus rental is a complex service not just simply transporting people from one place to the other. It’s worth investing a couple of minutes and try to get to know your driver, because you’ll spend hours together. It’s not enough if he can just drive the bus, he also needs to have good local-knowledge, plus the solution of the upcoming problems will be his task, too.

Save yourself the hassle and say no, if someone offers you their service „cheap and clever”.

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