Minibus rental prices in Budapest and its area with driver

Minibus rental prices - Budapest

Prices in and around Budapest may vary. The reason behind it is the difference in the quality of the services!

And, of course, because of the presence of some incorrect companies who work without invoices. In that case always think twice! Is it worth risking it?

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Before signing the contract you should always double check the following things:

Will you have a valid, correct contract?

Does the company exist? Does it have the proper permits? Find out more about their background on the internet to avoid problems in the future.

What about the vehicle’s condition?

Sometimes you can aready tell that by looking at it… don’t sign anything blindly. Your own safety depends on it!

The extra services mentioned in the contract, are they really there?

Air-conditioning, adjustable or fixed seats, etc.

Are they providing two drivers for the foreign trips?

If not, there can be serious consequences. The company will be fined and you’ll get involved as well. Based on the law, the driver has to stop and rest after a certain amount of time.

If you got stopped, and that didn’t happen properly the bus will be stopped immediately, there and then. Even if you’re in a hurry to your bussiness meeting, or in the middle of the night when you need to find accomodation.

Does the contract come with guarantees?

Think about it carefully. The contract is the only document that can help you prove your point in case of a problem.

Always think twice and read carefully.

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